Systems Manager

Location Manchester
Duration 3 months
Posted 15/06/2017
Contract Type Contract
Hours Full Time
Start date ASAP
Do you need a DBS? No
Ref #REQ5683

Full Job Details

The Senior System Manager is responsible for the management, administration, support, development, documentation, reporting and training associated with operational use of clinical and corporate information systems within the Trust. The post holder will act as lead on an identified system (or systems).

Provide second-line support to all system level problems, issues and faults. Responsible for undertaking full analysis and applying own judgement in relation to each issue that arises; accurately identifying the impact and severity before ensuring the implementation of appropriate timely resolutions.

Work with users and other stakeholders across the Trust in developing the use of the system to ensure that it is utilised effectively to support the operational efficiency of the department.

Develop appropriate policies and procedures in relation to the operation and administration of designated systems.

Administer the system on a daily basis ensuring correct and efficient operation in-line with agreed policies and procedures.

Responsible for ensuring all aspects of system housekeeping, data integrity and security are managed.

Manage the creation and removal of user accounts as required and the population of system management tables working with suppliers and others as necessary.

Manage and review system utilisation and error reports assessing risks and benefits associated with the system.

Manage system upgrades including assessment of functionality change, testing, communications, supplier liaison, implementation co-ordination and training. Deal with complex queries escalated from system managers.

Work with other system stakeholders and Integration team to ensure that data is transferred automatically and accurately between various systems taking the lead to resolve problems or issues when they arise taking into consideration any impact on other systems.

Work with the supplier’s staff and other third parties helping to build a positive partnership approach to managing the system and issue resolution.

Work with divisions to ensure interfaces between the clinical systems and any relevant medical devices are fully tested and operating correctly following upgrades, new installations and routine servicing.

Conduct system demonstrations and actively promote and champion the use of systems at every opportunity.

Ensure that invoices relating to systems are checked for accuracy and passed for payment where required.

Represent the Trust and its interests at external system user group meetings.

Utilise the team to ensure skills and knowledge sharing to facilitate cross cover; providing additional support during periods of increased workload as a result of specific system upgrades, implementations, issue resolution, etc., as well as for holiday and other absences.

Data Quality

Work to ensure that accurate and timely data is recorded within the system.

Work towards the development and implementation of a comprehensive set of robust data checks, audits and procedures in accordance with the Data Quality Policy.

Ensure practical steps are taken to resolve system functionality and data collection issues highlighted by Data Quality processes.


Produce appropriate and timely reports from the system which will assist in the management of departmental services and meet the Trust’s obligations for external information provision.

Participate with the Business Intelligence team ensuring that data is collected, reported and exported as required.

Work to ensure that relevant data items that form part of the national mandatory data sets and national audits are captured within the systems as part of the care process.

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